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Resolved, that the United States’ use of military force to prevent nuclear arms acquisition in Iran.

As one of the cornerstones of President Obama’s foreign policy, he wants to disarm all nuclear weapons in Iran. So far Iran has rejected all attempts for bilateral negotiations. When information leaked about Iran being involved with uranium enriching plants, they blatantly violated the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. With the threat of nuclear weapons in a particularly unstable nation, is it the right time to interfere with this process? What are the possible consequences of this kind of military action?

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Resolved, that the United States was justified in using nuclear weaponry against Japan during World War II.

Nuclear weaponry was not America’s first choice in dealing with Japan during WWII. After no response to the warning to surrender issued in July, the decision was made to drop the weapons on July 30th. At 8:15 AM on August ninth, telephone communication from Hiroshima to Tokyo went dead. Soon after, reports of the city’s demise started gushing in. The death toll reports varied between 80,000 and 150,000. Due to radiation, people would be dying of cancer and birth defects for decades to come. Although, this was an immense tragedy, Japan did then surrender and saved the lives of thousands of Ally soldiers. Do the ends justify the means?

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