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Thought Talk: What is the focus of American education and does it need alteration?

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2011 and other adjustments marked an era of standardized tests becoming more of a focus in American education. There is also the SAT, ACT, OGT, and AP tests which require teachers to structure their curriculum because they will profit from students excelling at these tests. Has this created a system that is kept to low-denominational standards for learning, where students cannot learn ahead of the pack? What is the subject matters our schools focus on, and should that be changed?

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Resolved, that state and federal funding for public schools be evenly distributed.

Today, as with many other schools around the country, Ohio schools have passed levies or are being granted millions and millions of dollars more than they did in previous years. With this revenue, schools are deciding where to allocate these funds. With high demand for new and expensive sports, many believe it comes at other activities’ expense. On the other hand, many also believe that the school is trying to equalize the funding while also providing for several new activities to accommodate as many students as possible. Do schools today evenly distribute their funding? If not, should they be required to by government standards?

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Resolved, that the US education system does not adequately prepare students for competition in the global workforce.

Although the United States may be a global superpower, it lags behind in its educational system.
While the American schooling system has increasingly improved and extended education for
all citizens, our continuing preeminence is no longer something we can take for granted. The
rest of the world is catching up, and as recently as 2008, U.S. students have fallen to 12th in
higher education attainment and 16th in high school graduation rates. The world has grown to
be interdependent and Americans who do not possess the level of training essential to the global
market will be effectively disenfranchised. From the other end of the spectrum, many argue that
the current educational standards are indeed adequate and are in fact comparable to those of other
developed countries. Official data is often skewed as the United States measure its graduation
rates by individual institutions while other nations measure their graduation rates through
their collective public system. Therefore, the proportion of American four-year college students
graduating and receiving bachelor’s degrees is roughly the same rate as that of other countries.
Furthermore, many of the U.S. graduates are major contributors of today’s global market. Does the
U.S. educational system need be reformed to adequately prepare students in the global market?

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Resolved, that affirmative action be based on socioeconomic factors instead of racial factors.

Affirmative action is a college admissions policy that favors minorities. For colleges, it is a method
to keep race portions somewhat balanced and also keeps the college from looking biased, unfair,
or even racist. However, affirmative action was never meant to last forever, only until race-
based economic inequality was no longer a problem. Today, some speculate that many students
are getting rejected from colleges, not because they do not meet the requirements, but because
another applicant is a minority. Some feel that racially-based policies are now obsolete. Instead,
they suggest that students have preference based on their economic status. Proponents say that
some potential students might not even apply for college of financial concerns, but affirmative
action based on socioeconomic factors would allow people to attend any college they wish. Isn’t the
American Dream the concept that through hard work, anyone can reach success?

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