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Thought Talk: What is the focus of American education and does it need alteration?

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2011 and other adjustments marked an era of standardized tests becoming more of a focus in American education. There is also the SAT, ACT, OGT, and AP tests which require teachers to structure their curriculum because they will profit from students excelling at these tests. Has this created a system that is kept to low-denominational standards for learning, where students cannot learn ahead of the pack? What is the subject matters our schools focus on, and should that be changed?

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Resolved, that affirmative action be enacted based on economic status

Affirmative action as we currently know it was a term coined by President Kennedy in 1961 and the resulting method serves the purpose of balancing racial inequalities in the workplace and at school. As time went on, affirmative action could have the opposite effect; particularly in the Baake case of 1978, this program caused an unequal advantage to less qualified racial minorities. This bill would change our conception of affirmative action. This bill would enact a program that would require companies to hire someone of lesser economic status when compared to someone with equal qualifications. Would this decrease poverty? What other effects could a new program like this have?

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Thought Talk: Should the phrase “under God” be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance?

Since grade school, we have been taught to stand up every day and say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. This promise spoken by children contains the continuously debated phrase “under God”. As children, we don’t understand the implications of a possible religious reference in a government allegiance, but the controversy becomes apparent later on. During this debate we must consider the First Amendment, separation of church and state, political interests to the issue, and ethical implications. What are the possible consequences if we removed this phrase?

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Resolved, that focus on athletic competition instills unhealthy competitive mindsets.

A majority of schools across America endorse a multitude of athletic programs for their students. Many students are encouraged to participate these activities such as football, basketball, tennis, soccer, and many more. In the name of athletic success and a good reputation for their school, these sports are very competitive. Some fear that this emphasis on competition can be harmful to a well-balanced education for the students. Does athletic competition in school cross the line into an unhealthy mindset? What benefits can a competitive attitude have?

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Resolved, that public schools be required to have a general religious education course.

Even though 92% of Americans profess a belief in God, studies have shown that the general population lack a basic knowledge of major religions. Some say that without this education “…a shallow view of world events and a weakened capacity to critique the claims of those preaching religious intolerance and hate” will emerge. Some schools already offered religious education as an elective course. Is high school the right time to learn this? Should all schools make it a require force, or do the costs outweigh the benefit?

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