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Resolved, that the United States is too partisan.

It has become conventional wisdom that contemporary American politics is being seen as more and more Partisan. With the rise of radical political parties like the Tea Party, it seems everywhere in American politics is becoming increasingly polarized. Nevertheless, to what extent is this true? Is the United States really that ridiculously partisan to the point where it is a hindrance to government procedure? After all, George Washington did warn us of political parties. Although, it seems these separated groups have been around for quite some time and are only natural for politicians. Thus, it is important to look into these unsettled questions and how far or how deep these trends go, and how much difference they make to the overall functioning of the political system.
• Although there have been many attempts in last few years for increased “bi-partisanship,” the effort has not produced any results.
• As Politicians create hate and separation they have a stronger permanent voter base, and thus promote partisanship.
• With declining regulation of the media, mass media outlets have become more numerous and politicized, creating more polarization in American government.
• Further proof of partisan antics is the increased gridlock that is taking its toll on America and problems aren’t going to get solved on their own.
• The ideological overlap between the parties has all but disappeared; partisan supermajorities have tended to push politicians away from the center.
• There is no evidence of significant change in the electorate’s overall ideological balance during the past three decades.
• Looking back at the Federalists and Anti Federalists, United States government has always been a bit partisan and is certainly no more separated today than it has been in the past.
• This country was founded on the principles of democracy and healthy debate, a little polarization is healthy for our government.
• Many politicians are looking to come together, and are constantly promoting bi-partisanship, more than ever before.

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Thought Talk: In what ways will a Republican comeback affect American politics?

Background: With President Obama’s approval ratings diminishing along with the Democrat majority in the Senate, and the House having flipped with over sixty seats changing hands, the Republicans are set to easily pass legislation in the House, whilst remaining unable to affect the Senate agenda. However, with the Republican Party divided because of the Tea Party movement, the implications of this comeback lead many people to question what will happen the next few years in Washington. Some of the implications for the Republicans are newfound subpoena power, budget review, and the like returning to Republican hands. What will they do with this power? What legislation will they attempt to pass?

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