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Resolved, Shark Week be declared a national holiday

Background: In 1985, the Discovery Channel was founded.  Two years later, the channel was experimenting with ways to attract viewers during the summer.  They came up with the idea to dedicate an entire week to sharks and encounters with sharks.  This year was the 23rd year that Shark Week has run on Discovery Channel. It is now cable’s longest-running event as well as one of its most watched. Every year since 1995, the series has pulled in an audience of more than 20 million, and in 2008 it drew its highest audience ever, with 29 million viewers. Mixing docudrama-style narration, heart-stopping footage and educational content, the series has since become a summer-television staple with a cultish following.


  • No one works during Shark Week; therefore it might as well be a national holiday.
  • The programs during Shark Week teach people how to behave when they encounter sharks, therefore being educational and preventing injury


  • Shark Week distracts people from their lives, which in turn affects the economy and slows the efficiency in the work place

Shark Week causes weight gain from sitting in front of the television all day for 7 days eating junk food

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Resolved, implement the gold doubloon as the universal currency

Background: The creation of the Euro in 1999 was a historic and groundbreaking event, as 11 independent nations rid of part of their individuality and all adopted the same currency. Surprising its many early skeptics, the Euro matured into one of the most efficient and heavily traded currencies. The Euro’s success caused the idea of a universal currency to reawaken and to once again become a hot topic. The concept of uniting the entire world under a single currency was first introduced in the 16th century.


  • A universal currency would put an end to transaction costs
  • With some currencies unsteady and unreliable for trading, a universal currency would prevent possible catastrophic consequences worldwide


  • A universal currency would prevent the ability to use the exchange rate as a business tactic to prevent severe loss

With the creation of a universal currency, a bank will need to be created to manage it.  Having a bank that is impartial to all countries is impossible

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