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Thought Talk: What should America do about “homegrown” terrorists?

Background: Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, Nidal Hasan.  These people are grouped together because of their terrorist actions.  They are “homegrown” terrorists, people that have been raised in the U.S. and decided to commit acts of terrorism against their home country. Other more recent homegrown terrorists, such as Nidal Hassan Malik, a Muslim raised in America  known for his attempted bombing of Times Square, have come to the forefront of our media cycle. The U.S. Chief of Intelligence Dennis Blair publicly recognized that “homegrown terrorism is a growing threat.”  Now, the government is challenged with the task of how to deal with these traitors.


DEC 2010

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Resolved, that the US government be prohibited from hiring mercenaries.

Mercenaries are commonly defined as any persons who take part in an armed conflict for financial gain. Current US municipal code prohibits US-hired contractors from using deadly force unless in self-defense Even so, recent controversy has built up against corporations such as Blackwater for their inability to follow such laws. In the past, the portrayal of mercenaries such as “Rambo-like” have led to a nation-wide movement to abolish the hiring of mercenaries Those in favor of mercenaries, however, point out that they have been key instruments of success and protection in various US conflicts. Although they are prevented from serving as combat troops, mercenaries are still a significant force on the battle field. The question of eliminating mercenary forces remains a decision to be made dealing with the question of the reliability of such troops.

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Resolved, that racial profiling is an acceptable crime-prevention method.

The Fourth Amendment guarantees the right to be exempt from unreasonable search and seizure
without probable cause. Many believe that racial profiling completely contradicts this fundamental
constitutional right. Approximately 32 million people around the world report that they have been
offended by racial profiling, according to reports by Amnesty International. However, many US
citizens believe that racial profiling is an acceptable crime-prevention method because, based on
statistical evidence, racial profiling can be a legitimate tool for law enforcement officers. Those
against racial profiling argue that using race as a basis to make a judgment is an ineffective way of
finding criminals and leads to discrimination. To their credit, it should be noted that racial profiling
has had devastating effects. In a specific incident, a black man with dread locks was killed because a
police officer assumed he was on drugs. However, many proponents argue that racial profiling can
cut down investigation time and increase law enforcement’s ability to protect. A report by Amnesty
International shows that many of the same races commit the same crimes. The practice has been
shown to be effective, yet also faulty at the same time. Is our community’s safety worth the price?

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Resolved, that anarchists be classified as threats to National Security.

Anarchists, because they actively seek to undermine the US government as part of their political beliefs, meet every definition of a threat to national security. The US, however, has not made an effort to crack down on such groups. Although other countries’ stability has been undermined by anarchists, America remains committed to letting all ideologies be expressed. An attempt to overthrow the government would of course be a crime, and that would be prosecuted, but until violent action is taken, persecuting a group for its political opinions would be constitutionally questionable.
• Anarchists believe that the government should be eliminated, and actively seek this goal.
• Anarchism is, in many cases, an inherently violent philosophy which seeks to use force to undermine the government.
• Anarchists have contributed to the instability of the Greek state and economy, due to their riots in 2006, and similar ramifications could occur in the United States.
• Anarchy is a varied and nuanced philosophy, with many different varieties including anarcho-passivism.
• Repression of ideological groups is anti-American.
• Anarchy in the United States is not a threat, due to the size of the US Government and the limited appeal of anarchist beliefs.
• Anarchists in the United States tend to be substantially less active than in other areas.

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Resolved, that NASA hereby abolish all space missions not integral to national security.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has performed a number of impressive feats, including putting the first man on the moon, as well as establishing satellites, which have become an integral component of modern technology. But with a rising federal deficit and an economy which lends itself to tighter federal policies, some of NASA’s most recent exploits, such as smashing $80 million tax dollars into the moon in the form of a water-seeking rocket, have come under criticism. Is there a need for the further exploration of space, or should we focus on other issues at hand?
• In current economic circumstances, we cannot continue unnecessary spending on projects that take years and may never come to fruition, where that money could be better spent.
• While the space race was a project that spurred growths of patriotism and belief in their country for many Americans, NASA has since gone out of the public eye, and most Americans have no clue what their tax dollars are paying for
• The interest in space has diminished among most Americans since the space race, and therefore, NASA’s work no longer appeals to the average American
• NASA’s spending accounts for about 1% of the federal budget. Even during the space race, when spending was at its highest, its budget was only 4%
• If America were to abolish such missions, it would lose advances in space technology, and fall behind the rest of the world
• NASA has provided much serendipity, including Velcro and the downsizing of the computer. If it was abolished, these would follow soon after.

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