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Resolved, that Congressional Committee Chairs should not be determined by seniority.

Before a bill can come to the House or the Senate for debate, it must pass through committee first. Consequently, the chairs of these committees wield an exorbitant amount of power in legislation. How, then, should it be decided who chairs these committees? On one hand, deciding based on seniority ensures that legislators with presumably greater knowledge and ability to get bills passed are in charge. On the other hand, with members of Congress serving for such a long time, the process of deciding committee chairs by seniority ensures that power will not change hands for many years. In light of these circumstances, how should Congressional Committee Chairs be determined?

KS ~ MAR 2011

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Thought Talk: In what ways will a Republican comeback affect American politics?

Background: With President Obama’s approval ratings diminishing along with the Democrat majority in the Senate, and the House having flipped with over sixty seats changing hands, the Republicans are set to easily pass legislation in the House, whilst remaining unable to affect the Senate agenda. However, with the Republican Party divided because of the Tea Party movement, the implications of this comeback lead many people to question what will happen the next few years in Washington. Some of the implications for the Republicans are newfound subpoena power, budget review, and the like returning to Republican hands. What will they do with this power? What legislation will they attempt to pass?

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