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Thought Talk: Does the government have adequate facilities in place for its citizens?

From getting our mail to trusting our favorite restaurant isn’t infested with bugs, we put many responsibilities on our government. While the government is responsible for interstate highways, criminal investigations (FBI), and national parks, it also provides services like food stamps, housing, shelters, cell phones, insurance, dental care, and even child care. However we still see such a high level of poverty (14.3% in 2009) and unemployment (9.6% currently). If the government is not currently meeting the needs of its people, how an it improve?

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Solution Session: How should the government encourage higher job growth in a period of economic distress?

For the last few years, all Americans on some level have experienced a struggle in the economic downturn. Two aspects that have been hardest hit, the job and housing markets, are still struggling despite financial experts declaring the recession over. In this activity, everyone will try to see what is the best way to have better job growth? Is it in the construction industry, or would a foundation in higher education be a better route?

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Resolved, that euthanasia be legalized in the United States.

Euthanasia, which is also called physician-assisted death, has been a long-standing, highly controversial topic in our nation. The prime example of this is Dr. Kevorkian, who was convicted for 10-25 years in prison after a Supreme Court ruling that those who want to end their life but are not physically able do not have any constitutional right to end their lives. The main issues dealt with euthanasia are patient suffering, government involvement with these decisions, healthcare spending, ethical/religious concerns, and living wills. What rights should people have about their death and how much should the government be involved with this?

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Resolved, that socialism is more beneficial to society than capitalism.

Socialism is defined to be a general term for the political and economic theory that advocates a system of government ownership and management within the means of production and distribution of goods. It is an approach which is often viewed as a counterpart to capitalism, which places an emphasis is placed limiting governmental interference with trade and interaction. Which system is most beneficial to our current American society? Would there be any harmful repercussions if the United States switched to more socialist policies?

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Thought Talk: Can the assassination of a hostile dictator ever be justified?

The position of dictator is a role that developed under the Roman Empire. This was originally a position given to a magistrate in order to take action during times of crises. Since that time, there have been many dictators of various nations and empires which abuse this position of absolute control over the governed people. There have been several examples of a dictator’s corruption, oppression, and intolerance. On what grounds should the government be allowed to violently overthrow their dictator?

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Resolved, that a Republic is more desirable than a Democracy.

A republic is defined as “a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote” while a democracy is “a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and by their elected agents under a free electoral system.” The United States was founded in a truly democratic system: our “supreme power” lies is our ability to elect officials to represent us. Would a system without an Electoral College and representatives be better suited to to this modern society? Which is the best way to express the freedoms our country was founded on?

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Resolved, that the United States cease use of private military contractors.

With the sudden need for American troops at the start of the Iraq war, private military contractors were hired by the United States government to fill the gaps. They help with war efforts, but are not under the same classification of the military, so these men and women are not in uniform while fighting. While it has been difficult to regulate the decisions and actions of these companies, many contend that they play a crucial role. Today, there are more private contractors in Afghanistan than classified military members. Should the government take action to ensure standards for these contractors?

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