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Resolved, that the Dow Jones Industrial average is an accurate measure of consumer confidence.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is an average of the gains or losses of what are considered the 30 biggest corporations in America. It does not take into account thousands of stocks traded on Wall Street, and is often used to show consumer confidence and the strength of the American economic system. Proponents of the resolution state that America is mainly comprised of these very important large businesses, so that taking the average of them would very accurately show consumer confidence. They say that these businesses are the center of the economy. However, opponents to this resolution say that small businesses are the backbone of America, and it is unfair to judge consumer confidence just by taking the average of 30 large corporations. They also say that other groups, such as the S&P and NASDAQ, are more accurate because they contain more small businesses. So, is it fair or meaningful to conclude that these 30 large corporations accurately measure consumer confidence? Or is it a more accurate analysis to take into account the smaller corporations in America?


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Resolved, that the economic stimulus package of 2009 saved the U.S. from a depression.

In early 2009, Congress passed one of the most controversial bills of all time: a multi-purpose, kick-start to the failing economy worth almost $787 billion dollars. It was deemed the stimulus package, and was designed to aid a failing economy. Now that more than a year and six months have passed since the bill went into effect, Americans are debating if we would be better or worse off without the Recovery Act. Proponents argue that the rising of exports, improving stock market, and decreasing unemployment rate proves the package was a necessary success. However, opponents claim it wasted billions of dollars America could have used to help pay off its 13 trillion debt. They additionally cite the cyclical nature of the economy, and that it was not the act itself that kept us from a depression. Did the stimulus package save America from a depression, or did it only waste billions of American’s tax dollars?


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Thought Talk: Should former colonial powers pay reparations to former colonies?

Driven by a desire for territorial expansion, material gain, and religious conversion, Britain and France and Spain would embark on a quest like many other countries had to colonize new regions of the world. The main areas that were colonized by these countries were North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia. There were drastic changes in the religion, economy, and culture of these places. Many have argued that this sudden control over these places has had a severely negative effect on the conquered lands. Should all colonial powers be forced to give reparation to their former colonies? Would financial donation neutralize all past wrongdoings, or is there a better solution?

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