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Resolved, that the US historically hinders democracy more than it promotes on an international level.

The United States has occupied a position of respect and responsibility as one of the most powerful countries, historically in the Western Hemisphere and, more recently, in the world. Although the world’s oldest modern democracy, the United States has a mixed record supporting democracy in the world. In WWII, the US fought to suppress European fascism and restore democracy. We have advocated greater democracy in Asia and supported South Korea in the face of communism. However, the US also supported numerous Latin American dictatorships in the name of economic self-interest and communist eradication.  America’s influence in the world is undeniably great, but does our country promote or discourage the very ideals on which it was established?

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Resolved, the global community should strive for the American way of life.

We live with a capitalist economy with notable regulation by the federal government, which is stable and elected to represent the people. Power is handed from one group of politicians to another every few years after popular elections. The media and all people have enshrined rights, including freedom of speech and religion. The federal government is limited in its powers and American society is generally more conservative than other industrialized nations. The American ideal is a stable family and home. America accepts large numbers of immigrants every year and is a generally tolerant nation. We enjoy our media, which includes music, television, and the Internet, and we spend many hours a day consuming it.
• America is one of the most prosperous nations in the world and has a functioning, representative government – a rarity throughout history
• The American way of life involves tolerance
• The American economy is known for success, diversification and relative stability
• American respect for human rights and freedom would have great effects around the world if other countries adopted them
• America is not the greatest country to attempt to emulate; Sweden, for example, is not suffering economically the way the U.S. is and has an equally representative government. Why should other countries not strive for the Swedish model?
• No single set-up for government and culture will work everywhere
• The American way of life remains up for interpretation; for example, what would the “American” position on gay rights be?
• The American way of life has its share of flaws, like the jump in obesity.

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Resolved, that America is about to lose its global dominance.

Over history, all the great empires of the world have had a “golden age”, a period when all facets of life within that country flourished. However, all of these came to an end, whether dramatically, like Rome or Greece, or more gradually, like France and the U.K. In 1991, America became the obvious global superpower. But since then, lost power and respect, largely to countries like China. Emerging powers like India and Brazil also threaten American dominance. Europe no longer takes America as seriously as did before the Iraq war. After two wars, a devastated international reputation, and a recession, will the United States regain its once renowned status?
• With the rise of countries like China, Japan and South Korea, the United States is no longer able to compete with the education or work ethics of various foreign workforces
• The American dream is becoming harder to achieve and economic stratification is back on the rise after America’s glory days
• Politics in America have become less and less about solutions and making genuine progress in important fields like education and energy independence and more about demagoguery, causing us to rapidly fall behind other countries
• Foreign citizens continue to look up to the possibility of the American dream, and immigration to the United States remains high, meaning that our high stature remains
• Americans are confident in their country and remain committed to being the best in the world; we are leading in many aspects
• America has rebounded stronger than ever from previous wars and economic crises

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