JSA National Cabinet has launched a brand new nation-wide effort to create exceptional briefs, assemble arguments from across the JSA states, and organize all the information into one accessible online database–the Debate National Archives [DNA].

Our goal is to aid JSA Debate Departments as they prepare for conventions and mini-cons by providing them with pre-written briefs and interesting topics to introduce to their state.  Briefs are divided into sub-categories, and many topics overlap. To view all topics at once, see our “SITE MAP.”

The DNA is a living, breathing archive.  We try to keep it stocked with “JSA Classic” debates as well as the most up-to-date, currently raging debates. Therefore, feel free to fact-check and comment if new developments make a certain argument or brief obsolete.

Lastly, to keep the DNA growing, we need help writing new briefs. Under “TOPICS WITHOUT BRIEFS,” you’ll find resolutions and thought talks that we do not have briefs for. If you chose to write a brief from this section, please email ksabath@jsa.org as soon as you’ve chosen the topic. This opportunity to help out DNA is open to Debate Departments and individual JSAers!

National JSA really appreciates your help in developing this awesome debate tool in its inaugural year!

Thank you!

Best Regards,

~Keni Sabath

National Director of Debate